Basement Waterproofing

Cavity Drain Membrane System

The main threat to the basement is groundwater and rainwater. It can lead to the walls becoming wet, cause cracks by washing the material out of brick joints or building blocks. In order to protect yourself, vertical waterproofing of walls and waterproofing of the basement floor are made. The most common solution is Cavity Drain Membrane System or Tanking Slurry

The Cavity Drain Membrane System is the most used method by CDP & B in cellars. After installing drainage channels on the floor, the water is diverted to the Sump Pump System to pump out water that collects in a tank fixed below the floor level.

Tanking (Slurry)

Tanking (Slurry) is also an effective method, but when there are micro cracks in walls such as brick, block and concrete. This is when Tanking Slurry will not be able to prevent leaks through the walls if it is not properly sealed and mortar gaps are not filled.

Therefore, Crystal Damp Proofing & Basements uses the method:

  • We clean the wall of any dusty materials
  • We repair visible cracks or defects in the joints
  • We apply Primer to harden the air
  • We apply the first layer of Tanking
  • Water-resistant plaster with SIKA-1 first layer
  • Second layer tanking
  • Water-resistant plaster with SIKA-1, second layer
  • Tanking last layer.

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When should you decide to waterproof your basement?

Whenever – when the excess moisture accumulated in it, we worry.

And what are the main reasons for the appearance of dampness in cellars?

First of all, their inadequate insulation. It sometimes happens that old houses do not have any  protection of foundations and basements at all. If they arose on unfavorable soils,it may turn out that their structure is severely damaged and should be subjected to an expert opinion.

Second, areas with high ground humidity will also be less building-friendly. Therefore, it is also worth looking for support in carrying out proper drainage of waterlogged plots in order to counteract the causes of the problem and not only reduce the effects. Another factor may be a damaged gutter or poorly made rainwater drainage.

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